Chirag Nagpal is bringing a film on a very sensitive issue of Punjab.

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Recently, Chirag Nagpal has shot a film in his city Abohar. Whose name is Ghar Wapsi, it is shown in the film. Why people are going abroad and what effect does their going abroad have on their family. The story of a middle class family is shown in this film. Those who send their children abroad. This film has been directed by Chirag Nagpal and Vikas Batra. This movie is written by Chirag Nagpal and Ghulle Shah (Surinder Farishta), Harpreet Kaur, Chanda Gartola, Chirag Nagpal, Vikas Batra are playing lead roles in it. Renowned singer Zihaan (Kamal Goyal) is giving voice to the film and music is being given by Priyesh Vakil. The film has been shot in various locations of Abohar like Nagpal Nursing Home, Mohan Malhotra’s house, Kilkari School etc. This film will soon be seen on the big screen

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