Nikhil Kumar Jain, a dynamic influencer encourages true influence is about Leveraging Transparency to his audience.

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Nikhil Kumar Jain, a 24years old young gem he earn name as Social Media Influencer, Social Media Marketer, Music Artist, Influencers and Blogger. Nikhil comes from a place of Nathdwara, Rajasthan. It takes a good long time for people to begin and achieve their goal. Nikhil proved differently, becoming successful in just last five years.
His work journey started at the age of 18 years where he incorporated with Industry Artists, Influencers, Blogger & Companies Around the World.

He started his career as a Social Media Marketer. Social Media Marketing right now is the career path, everyone seems to be going to. It is one of the most challenging, exciting, fast placed industry and this is the right time for building a career in social media marketing. It has challenges and rewards, including a potentially lucrative income. The demand for skilled expertise is at its peak, while there is great shortage of experienced professionals.

He believes in ‘Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value’. We have many examples who utilised their creative abilities in a variety of ways in order to make their career in social media marketing and entrepreneurship. Nikhil Kumar Jain is one of them.

He is a prominent social media marketer in almost every media fields. He has completed his seven years of experience in social media field and has grown as an expert in these seven years. Apart from this, he is also an entrepreneur. He has a business of metals. Talking about his skills, apart from having the social media marketing skills and influencing skills, He is also an excellent sports person. He has represented his state twice in cricket. Talking about his future goals, he wants to polish his social media marketing and influencing skills and make it unbeatable.

He is also a renowned fitness freak. He intended to create a good meaning in respect to health and fitness. He learned the importance of physical and mental health and strived to prove one for all. “Your mind & Body are your assets, invest rightly”.
He is also a sportsperson. He has been elected two times for the state level Cricket Championship. My life would lead along not just in making money. I want to be an inspiration in exploring self-worth.

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Nikhil has set an example for being Unstoppable. He belongs from a middle-class family and people are aware about hardest living. Nikhil’s step towards Digital Marketing was not complying with the society mindset. Today as he proved himself as what he wanted to become, he wants to convey a message to the society. A message as a lesson that he learned from his society who doubted his work and profession, and pushed him down to not follow the one. But who can stop the unstoppable. It was not about him and his only aspirations, it was a question for all and around the world.

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