Khushboo Mehta- a young women with ambitions live out loud and embrace fullness of her triumph.

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Khushboo Mehta, a 24years young endeavour goal oriented woman. She’s Engrossed, Tough , Phenomenon dedicated to perform. She’s currently working as Professional Makeup Artist and a Makeup Model. She wants to create a full,happy life on her own is a lot more inviting who looks to a someone to create it for her. She is very enthusiastic and open for learning and experimenting things.

Khushboo got an opportunity to be a fashion model when she was in college and then later got into an aviation industry for 2years. Her beliefs in life is always remain alluring and promising. She proved that by getting her contingency to work with Singapore airlines for about 2years successfully delivering a niche of the company. One must be thinking what pushed her so hard that she changed her profession to an Makeup Artist. As she always wanted to have her own Business and Be an Entrepreneur.

Coming forward to another field of excellence, such enthusiast personality is not bound to one aim, she wish to excel in and every interest of her life. She is also a fitness freak. She intended to create a good meaning in respect to health and fitness. She believes, “One should always take care of their body, it’s the only place you have to live”.

She has a beautiful, dynamic & versatile personality. She loves to work in serenity Optimistic and Diligent. Her skills are invincible. She is good in fashion, have a amazing Makeup skills and her Cooking is unbeatable.

Khushboo has endeavour Goals for her future. Owns a well known Academy’s for her students named as “M.M(Misty Mehta Professional Makeup and Hair Artist)and being best at very young age. Goodwill in all aspect be it a Model or an Professional Makeup Artist.


She has a exquisite, dynamic & forthright persona. As she do not care about anybodies opinion. She believes, follows and support the truth. However Building and promoting values about a true relationship.
Message she always want to convey to society is,” It is impossible to live without failing at sometimes unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, In which case you have to failed by default”. It took her a long to develop her career and now that she have it, she is not going to stop.

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